Parklife is a brand that is innovative and aims to be a pioneer in healthy yet delicious food, catering to all customers. We are all about wholesome, good, delicious and nutritious food. We want to create a new image that healthy food can look and taste good, thus promoting the healthy lifestyle concept.

The name Parklife was inspired by the song from Blur, an alternative rock band from London. It is about being young and passionate and a part of the lyrics that touches the heart is this:


We would like to bring the feeling of London Hyde Park, the natural sunlight, the breeze and trees, and people picnicking on the green grass. There is laughter, young children running around, and old couples having their coffee while reading a newspaper as well as families and teenagers. It is exactly the image that we want to portray at Parklife Restaurant.

Just like our slogan, it is A PLACE FOR ALL.

As the world is evolving, people now have different dietary choices which are often affected by a variety of factors, including ethical and religious beliefs, clinical need or a desire to control weight. Under one roof at Parklife, we will create a menu catering to all diets such as Vegan, Vegetarian, Keto, Paleo, Pescatarian to even satisfying the Meat lovers.

It will be a place where friends regardless of race or religion, can gather to have a good meal. Thus, we are pork free and beef free. However, we are non-halal, because we do love a sip of alcohol by the end of the day.

People will no longer be divided by their dietary choices, now is the time to…


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One of our visions is to let people realize that a healthy lifestyle is having a balance of good diet and good exercise. As all 6 of our Ambassadors are from different industries, they represent our vision statement perfectly:

Colleen Augustine, Mixed Martial Arts & Obstacle Course Racing Athlete

Jimmy Ch'ng, Principal Percussionist of Hand Percussion

Suhaili Micheline, Dance Performer, Vice Principal of Aurora School of Dance

Aldrian Yeo, Malaysia National Triathlete, Founder of GoGetter Triathlon Squad

Joey Liang , Yoga Instructor, Founder of Serenity Yoga

Jeremy Ng, Fitness Educator, Founder of PFC Studio


Colleen Augustin

Not everyone can commit to be a vegan. Without a strong determination, we can't just switch to this diet style. Moreover, to those who have a tight schedule and highly active lifestyle, they require daily balanced meal and nutrients that can sustain their demanding lifestyle. One of our Ambassadors, she is a professional athlete and she is a vegan.

Let us introduce you to our first Ambassador, Colleen Augustin. This young lady who has been committed to be a vegan athlete for the past 2 years has shown us that with disciplined exercise and a good vegan diet have led her to a lot of great achievements. Colleen who is originally from Penang took up MMA about two years ago and she is also actively involved in Muay Thai, kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Spartan Race. Recently, she became the first Malaysian to be the Champion of the prestigious IMMAF Asian Open (Straweight Division). We believe that she will continue to keep us proud in her future achievements and continue to be an inspiration to others.


Jimmy Ch’ng

Jimmy has been fascinated by drums since young, and has made drumming his career. He is now the Assistant Artistic Director and Principal Percussionist for HANDS Percussion Malaysia (HANDS), a renowned Malaysian percussion ensemble. To play percussive instruments, especially the shigu (lion drum), a high level of fitness and stamina are needed for drummers to be able to give their best in their performances. Parklife would like to keep supporting people like Jimmy because we know that with good diet, exercise, passion and a belief in themselves, they will be able to achieve their dreams and goals.


Suhaili Micheline

A trained dancer & performer, Malaysian dancer Suhaili is the Vice Principal of Aurora School of Dance - Malaysia's Premiere Dance School built to foster excellence students by providing a diverse and nurturing environment. As a professional dancer and performer, she is required to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Besides dancing, Suhaili still hits the gym or jogging to get her regular exercise. In order for dancers to perform at their best, it is very important that they are well fuelled. Carbohydrates and protein are the 2 main nutrients that dancers need. Though Suhaili loves local food, she will definitely balance it with a healthy salad or any kind of leafy greens in her meal.

Talking about her motivation, her dancing children and her students' passion for dancing is what keeps her motivated to dance. She hopes by transferring her skills and knowledge on dancing to the children, more people will be aware of children and youth development. Suhaili believes that we are slowly losing the roots of emotions and deeper connection amongst each other and Mother Earth since the development of technology and new world. Thus, she would love to see the activity of performing arts be stronger within Malaysians and forming it better into the dance's culture and arts. With our collaboration with her, we believe that Parklife will be able to keep supporting Malaysia's arts industry. Moreover, we would love for more people to know the importance of performing arts within the society.


Aldrian Yeo

Back in 1999, Triathlon was still in infancy stage and there was barely any proper guidance and resources to support this sport. Yet, Aldrian decided to try. He learned that success comes from a combination of trials and errors. From nasty injuries as a result of bad techniques to stagnation of performance, he’s gone through it all. His experience as a swimming coach for triathletes made him notice that many struggles with a particular discipline. Therefore, in 2016, he decided to create a class for triathletes which focuses on teaching proper swimming techniques. It grew rapidly and in the following year, Aldrian left his full-time job to focus on full time triathlon coaching. Within 2 years, Aldrian and the coaches developed athletes who were racing at the Commonwealth Games, IRONMAN World Championships and winning races both locally and internationally. They hope to keep on developing more 'High Performance' groups and continue to provide coaching to Malaysians at affordable prices with the best coaches.

In order to keep pursuing this goal, Aldrian himself needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle by being conscious of the food that he consumes. To keep up with the 18-20 hours training every week, choosing the 'Right Fuel' is the main key. Parklife's vision is to educate and spread awareness on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet and regular exercise. As what Aldrian mentioned, always be conscious in choosing what you eat because that's what matters the most.


Joey Liang

Joey started her career in the beauty and health industry. She has always been interested in wellbeing and that sparked her interest to take up yoga as her daily exercise. She grew a deeper passion for yoga and decided to take a step further to become a trained yoga teacher. She was sure that she needed to pursue her passion. Joey believes that teaching others what we are passionate about and inspiring them to achieve a healthy lifestyle is one of the most amazing lifetime jobs that she can have.

To improve herself in this field, Joey focuses more on Yoga therapy and has taken a deeper interest in yoga for cancer specifically. Furthermore, she has been volunteering in SJMC (Subang Jaya Medical Centre) and NCSM (National Cancer Society Malaysia) to give back to society. In order to keep inspiring and teaching people about leading a healthy lifestyle, Joey herself maintains her good health by doing yoga, hiking, Tabata, power walking and meditation to nourish her soul. Complementing her regular exercise, she feeds herself with good healthy food and she also prefers homecooked food.

We believe that we can inspire people around us through our daily activities. Always remember, you have the strength within you, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.


Jeremy Ng

Jeremy has been a personal trainer for almost a decade. When he realised that there was a need to build a place for fitness professionals to learn and grow, he decided to establish PFC Studio, a place that offers education and upskill training to fitness professionals. Besides that, PFC also offers personal training to individuals with different goals such as getting back on track after an injury, wanting to learn the right techniques to improving physical strength or improving performance in their sport.

Jeremy has the desire to empower people - that's why he is constantly improving PFC for all his clients. He hopes people who come to PFC can walk out the door knowing that they’ve learnt something and have achieved their fitness goals. Through PFC, Jeremy wants to inspire people to be better in everything both physically and mentally everyday. With Jeremy's daily tight schedule, he balances his day with daily exercise and proper meals.

Parklife is very proud of our 6 ambassadors who have taken an interest in promoting a healthy lifestyle through their passion. Parklife’s passion is simple: celebrating life through healthy, wholesome and tasty food. Therefore, we let the food unite people.