Chef Ling

Chef Ling, Mr. Ang Ling Chee

  • Founder of Cocomomo & Co. in Osaka, Japan
  • Former Head Chef in Ottolenghi London, direct apprentice of Yotam Ottolenghi
  • Former Creative chef in Correas chain restaurant, Moscow, Russia

Chef Ling is the Head Chef, food creator, co-founder and the icon of Parklife. He discovered his passion for cooking, and joined the team of Ottolenghi in London for a good 10 years.

To expand his personal portfolio, he worked with Correas in Russia as a Creative Chef to train chefs from more than 20 franchise outlets. Later on, he started his own restaurant “Cocomomo& Co” which is named after his twins.

After a good 5 years in Japan, he noticed the market potential in Malaysia and around South East Asia including China, where he can fully optimize his talent and experience to capture this fast growing market. To capitalize on this, he teamed up with Ewen, his entrepreneur cousin in Kuala Lumpur to strategize his venture into this market.

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It's about Chef Ling!

Penangites by birth, Chef Ling is a lord of delicious recipes and hates to be sexy (but can’t help it). They say never trust a skinny chef, but hey, Chef Ling is the trustworthy one with over 20years of culinary experience! Follow Chef Ling for more exciting videos, tips or just to salivate over his creations!

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Couscous and quinoa salad

Looking for healthy replacements for rice? Couscous and quinoa are excellent choices! Packed with nutrients and fibre, you can't go wrong! As usual, all you need is some creativity.

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Salmon Bruschetta

Curing salmon is one of the many things we can do at home! It is easy and absolutely delicious. Not to mention, impress your guests too!

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Scotch eggs

Cooking scotch eggs can sometime be a hit or a miss but not anymore! The secret is precision cooking. We'll find out how in this video.

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Lasagne is just that kind of comfort food you may be crying out for to work through your weekdays. Watch this mini episode to learn how to make a flipping gorgeous Lasagne that everyone falls in love with!

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How's Tuesday treating you so far? If you're still keeping the Monday blue, you probably need to make some Labneh to comfort yourself! Here's my another wave of mini episode - LABNEH! Enjoy!

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It's time for dessert! Perfect for a Sunday afternoon after a whirlwind week. Easy and quick to make! You can make them as a savory dish too. All you need is some creativity with the toppings!

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Beetroot Cheese Salad

We have a special guest with us today - Joey Liang, a renowned yoga instructor! What could be easier or more delicious and nutritious than a beetroot salad? See for yourself how

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